Farhågor angående introducerande av programmering i skolan

I artikeln Computer programming in schools… Can we avoid coding ourselves into a corner? bloggar Neil Sellwyn och Thomas Hillman på temat om på vilket sätt programmering introduceras i skolan och vilka farhågor de ser.

At first glance, it might seem that there is little to disagree with. After all, coding is fun, intellectually challenging and in tune with current educational preoccupations with all things ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). These are skills that one would expect to be important for future employment. Coding also fits neatly with the rising prominence of Silicon Valley thinking and ‘geek culture’. Crucially, coding offers a possible means of addressing the perennial ‘crisis’ of schools failing to meet contemporary economic and societal needs. For all these reasons, most people consider coding in the classroom to be a ‘no brainer’.

Yet as these plans begin to be put into practice, there are signs that things are not quite as straightforward as we might like to think.

Artikeln tar upp tre problem vad gäller programmering i skolan och diskuterar vad vi kan göra och hur vi medvetet kan arbeta med hänsyn till dessa problem.

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